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Past Cases

We are admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey as well as the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. In addition to handling litigation in courts of original jurisdiction,  we have also handled appeals in the Appellate Division and the New York State Court of Appeals. We have also served as appellate counsel for matters in which we have been retained specifically to handle the appeal.

Divorce & Family Law 

  • Tried numerous divorce and equitable distribution and support cases over a 35 year career

  • Handled high net worth and moderate net worth matters of all stripes.

  • Litigated to conclusion numerous family offense matters.

  • Represented a variety of individuals in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and separation agreements.

  • Successful in convincing the New York State Supreme Court to void a pre-equitable distribution agreement under which the client had a lifetime alimony obligation, an outcome which saved the client literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Successful in extending the reach of the Equitable Distribution Law to what had been labeled a post-commencement severance payment, a departure from former law.

  • Successfully granted relocation in a child custody matter.

  • Successfully defended child abuse claims in a family court matter.

  • Involved in the negotiation of an extensive prenuptial agreement which was later favorably enhanced in a series of post-nuptial modification agreements.

Commercial Litigation 

  • Corporate matters including shareholder and partnership disputes.

  • Ejectment/dispossess actions, including commercial landlord tenant litigation and licensee dispossess proceedings.


General Litigation

  • Successfully litigated a suit for damages for violation of a book contract.

  • Surrogate’s Court matters including will contests, discovery proceedings, accounting disputes and commissions disputes.

  • A defamation action.

Real Estate

  • Negotiated the settlement of a highly contested real estate enforcement matter which resulted in a very favorable lump sum settlement.

  • Won a substantial rent overcharge award.

  • Real property disputes, growing out of failed closings, purchase and sale agreements, suits to quiet title and actions growing out of contested and restructured leases.

Business Transactions & Advisory

  • Negotiated publishing contracts.

  • Negotiated stock purchase agreement and secured note for the purchase of linens production company.

License Matters

  • Represents tradespersons in Article 78 and disciplinary matters.

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